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Xanthinol Niacinate ( USAN) is also known as Xantinol Nicotinate ( Rec. Also has been used to treat short- term memory disorders, lack of concentration, attention and vigilance. In a double- blind control of xanthinol nicotinate ( ' Complamin' ; ' Complamex' ) in patients with severe progressive obliterative vascular disease, 25 of 33 patients who completed the trial were helped significantly by the drug, as shown by both clinical and laboratory findings. Xantinol Nicotinate helps treat lack of concentration, vigilance and attention. Xantinol nicotinate is a vasodilator used in peripheral vascular disorders and insufficiency. Xanthinol is a drug prepared from theophylline used as a vasodilator. Xantinol nicotinate ( or xanthinol niacinate) is a vasodilator. Pharmacokinetics. Xantinol Nicotinate is a vasodilator prescribed to treat peripheral vascular disease and cerebrovascular disease. Xantinol nicotinate ( xanthinol niacinate; trade name Complamina) is a vasodilator.
Xanthinol nicotinate in peripheral vascular disease. It is a combination of xanthinol and niacin ( nicotinic acid). Xantinol Nicotinate is also a potent form of niacin that has been found to be beneficial in enhancing memory function, and thus helps treat long- term and short- term memory disorders. A list of US medications equivalent to Xantinol Nicotinate is available on the Drugs. It is most often used as the salt with niacin ( nicotinic acid), known as xantinol nicotinate. Xanthinol Niacinate. Xantinol nikotinát artrózissal. Xanthinol Nicotinate is used in peripheral vascular disorders and insufficiency. It may cause gastric discomfort and hypotension. Xanthinol nicotinate is a very potent, water soluble form of niacin that can be found in several health supplements, mostly liquid in form. Xantinol nicotinate, a ester of theophylline and nicotinic acid acts as a peripheral vasodilator. Ingredient matches for Xanthinol Niacinate Xantinol Nicotinate. Davis E, Rozov H. Xanthinol Niacinate may be available in the countries listed below. Xantinol Nicotinate is a medicine available in a number of countries worldwide.
Due to its potency, nicotinate has the ability to pass through the cell membranes at a much quicker rate than other forms of niacin. It is a combination of xanthinol and niacin.

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